Restaurant’s Social Media Accounts Go From Tip-Shaming to Racial Slurs

Ten percent on $54 check?!?! Wait 'til Instagram hears about this!
Ten percent on $54 check?!?! Wait 'til Instagram hears about this!

Restaurant workers that take to social media to shame jerky customers are already playing with fire — just ask the team at Red Medicine in L.A. who gained national notoriety after Twitter-shaming no-shows. So perhaps when you take to Instagram and Facebook to complain about non-tipping customers, you might also want to keep the racial slurs in check. Aaron Kwan, the currently sidelined manager from Padi Restaurant in Delaware, learned this lesson the hard way.

From the now-disabled handle Fumanchu85, Kwan is accused of posting photos of guests’ checks on Instagram followed by missives like:

Cheap a**, order takeout and eat it at the bar#notip #monday #cheap #trash

Then over on Padi’s Facebook page:

Whoever just ordered takeout, came in and opened it up. Sat down on a table and got plates, drinks and ate it. In the end didn’t even bother tipping a single dollar. Whoever that is, you need to learn how to respect others.

Things took a turn, though, last week, after a customer tipped less than 10 percent on a $53.80 check in the form of:

What do you expect from a last name like that? Sand ni****s will never change.

The hashtags on that last post were #cheap #jew. Kwan claims he didn’t post the offending messages and photos, and blames them on the half-dozen or so other employees who have access to the restaurant’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Owner Eve Teoh is all apologies, and says she has no clue about social media and entrusted Kwan, her nephew, to handle it for her.

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