Tilted Kilt Pubs, the Tartan-Plaid Version of Hooters, Coming to the Bay Area

She would like to get you drunk.
She would like to get you drunk.

Guess what, everyone! The Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, which launched originally ten years ago at the Rio Hotel in Vegas, continues its nationwide expansion with the announcement that they’re planning to open ten more locations in Northern California in the next couple years. They already have 80 locations, with five in Southern California, and the plan now is open a bunch more between Fresno and Sacramento, including a few in the “Silicon Valley/East Bay areas,” starting in early 2014. As our Grub Street L.A. colleague puts it, it’s a “pub chain of perverted Scottish heritage,” featuring busty waitresses in tiny kilt-like skirts where they serve things like Big Arse Burgers and have bawdy limericks on the walls. Plus there’s beer, and it’s a sports bar, and they’re clearly hoping to pick up where Hooters left off, in just slightly different costumes.

Oh, and instead of an Irish Car Bomb, they serve a drink called the Belfast Boom. Classy.

The only thing we’re not clear on is whether the busty waitresses will be required to do fake Scottish accents.

You’ve been warned.

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