Tiki Ti Teases Fans With Sale Rumors, Then Goes on Three-Week Spring Break

Tiki Ti
Tiki Ti Photo: Coco Mault/Flickr

Silver Lake’s Tiki Ti took off on a three-week hiatus yesterday, but not before giving fans of the fabulous Tiki bar a serious reason to sweat. Los Angeles magazine points to the bar’s Facebook page, which recounts the story of a faceless, nameless Monopoly man coming to the restaurant yesterday and offering owners “Publisher’s Clearing House” money for their coveted real estate.

Although Tiki Ti promises it’s “not doing a Bahooka,” in reference to Rosemead’s recently closed Tiki legend, the owners say they are listening to a formal offer today, what we can only hope is a cruel April Fool’s Day joke. The loss of Tiki Ti, one of the most spirited (and potent) drinking holes on L.A.’s landscape, would surely crush us, forcing us into more remote tiki outposts in El Segundo and Anaheim, at least until the day Clifton’s Cafeteria reopens its own long-gone Tiki paradise. Tiki Ti, for its part, will reopen April 17. [LA Mag]