The Reader’s Food Issue, With a Side of Eclectic

Merges and Mauro.
Merges and Mauro. Photo: Nick Murway, courtesy The Reader

The Reader’s Food Issue is out, with about a dozen different stories of all types dealing with food from contributors inside and outside the publication. We haven’t read all of them, but a few we’ve especially liked so far include Matthias Merges (Yusho) and Jeff Mauro (Jam), both in white-hot Logan Square, talking about the legacy of the restaurant that blazed the trail to that dining neighborhood, Lula Cafe; political writer Mick Dumke hanging out with a former alderman at his favorite soul food joint; and an underground dinner club which does the sort of thing we think more underground dining should do— create commercially impossible themes for meals, not just imitate what above-ground restaurants do.

Not everything comes off (an attempt to get cabbies to take the writer to their favorite spots winds up at Chipotle; the author would have been better off just going straight to one of Chicago’s 24-hour Pakistani cabbie buffets), and the list of chefs whose Twitter feeds you should follow held no surprises for us (on the other hand, it will definitely raise the incidence of the F word in your Twitter feed), but it’s an eclectic, interesting, personal bunch of stories which are certainly more intriguing than the latest iteration of The 13 Hot Places Whose Hot Chefs You Must Put on Your Hot List This Second, so check it out. [Reader]