Oh Look, It’s the Stanley Cup Made Out of Cupcakes

Really? Really.
Really? Really. Photo: InternCarlos/Twitter

Cupcakes are making one last, desperate push to stay relevant: Crumbs is partnering with the National Hockey League and NBC Sports to sell limited-edition “Stanley Cup(cakes).” Despite this being a good portmanteau, this is an awful idea. Hockey needs all the good press it can get — why associate with a dying dessert? Is it hockey fans who are going to save cupcakes? No one is going to be happy with you for bringing cupcakes to a playoff party. Nobody. But if you feel the need to purchase these, Crumbs is selling cupcakes bearing the logos of sixteen teams at each of its remaining 69 retail locations around the country — and driving a cupcake truck around certain playoff cities. At this point, it’s more like a funeral procession. [Earlier, Yahoo! Sports]