Spanish Fast-Food Chain 100 Montaditos Replacing 56-Year-Old Pizza Box

Serrano ham sandwiches for a few bucks.
Serrano ham sandwiches for a few bucks. Photo: Courtesy of 100 Montaditos

Quick service Spain-based 100 Montaditos is set to open its first New York location, replacing Pizza Box on Bleecker Street, a West Village institution that’s been a model of slice efficiency since 1957. DNAinfo reports that the incoming chain, which sells most of its menu of 100 sandwiches for $3 or less, intends to open in mid-July, and will reportedly be the first of six city locations. Pizza Box’s closing date has not yet been announced, but it’s probably best to head over there sooner rather than later and grab a marinara slice while you still can. [DNAinfo]