Slideshow: How a Day of Porky Goodness Led to Cochon 555 Win For Cosmo Goss

Photo: Galdones Photography

There were chefs competing— from Ryan Poli (Tavernita) to Matthias Merges (Yusho/Billy Sunday) to Josh Adams of Peoria’s June. There were chefs judging— Andrew Zimmerman, Rob Levitt and last year’s winner, Jason Vincent. And there were chefs hanging out and eating, like Rick Bayless. But even more than chefs, there was pork, in all its variety and majesty. And when the pork was cleared, one chef, Publican/Publican Quality Meats’ Cosmo Goss, had been crowned. Our man Huge Galdones was there— as he is for every Cochon competition including the national one in Aspen at which Goss will be competing in June— and here’s his photographic recounting of the dishes, the excitement, the pork in action.