Shojin Getting Increasingly Upscale, And a New Thai Neighbor in Culver City

A La Carte Thai Bistro, coming next to Shojin
A La Carte Thai Bistro, coming next to Shojin Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Shojin, the Japanese vegan restaurant that just established its second location in Culver City, is single-handedly trying to push the neighborhood back to the forgotten era of fine-dining dress codes. New signage on the restaurant’s door demands: “Upscale Attire only. Groups of no more than 4 people.” No telling what horrible lapse in haberdashery must have occurred here to pave the way for that one, but soon Shojin will see a new neighbor come in next door, setting the stage for all sorts of sartorial crimes and misdemeanors.

A La Carte Thai Bistro is due to open in the space next door, with fresh permits attached and the promise of beer and wine. The restaurant appears to be coming from Vorravut Kooanupong, a partner in the Thai Dishes empire.

So basically, expect two choices: dress nicely and go meat-free, or slink into a Thai joint wearing whatever you want and order ko moo yang. Time will tell as A La Carte just started construction for a summer debut.

A La Carte Thai Bistro, 12404 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City.