See the Finale of the 2nd Chicago Pastry Competition


A couple of weeks back we told you about the Chicago Restaurant Pastry Competition, an online video series created by former Avenues pastry chef James MacMillan to raise the appreciation of pastry chefs and their art. (We found out about it because it’s nominated for a James Beard award.) The second series has now come to a close; the next to last episode had the final competition between the four pastry chefs— Thomas Raquel of Chicago’s Acadia, Melissa Coppel of JeanMarie Auboine Chocolatier in Las Vegas, Philip Speer of Austin’s Uchi and Chris Ford of Wit & Wisdom in Baltimore— and the final episode shows the judges (including Curtis Duffy of Grace and Dana Cree of Blackbird) hashing out what they thought about the final dishes before the winner is chosen. Watch the final episode below, or go here to catch the whole competition from the beginning.