Following Passover Scandal, Doheny Glatt Kosher Under New Ownership

The Rabbinical Council of California
The Rabbinical Council of California Photo: RCC

Following the major kosher meat scandal that rocked Passover this year, in which uninspected meat was passed off to at Doheny Glatt Kosher Meats, the state’s biggest supplier, by its owner, a new owner has purchased the business to return it to glory. Shlomo Rechnitz, an L.A.-based businessman and philanthropist, purchased the company on March 31, just a week after Doheny Glatt Kosher saw its kosher certificate removed by the Rabbinical Council of California. The sale of the company was encouraged by several rabbis in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, who formed the majority of the response to Doheny’s controversy. Most likely, the company’s kosher status will be returned upon confirmation that the original owner, Mike Engleman, has nothing to do with it. [Jewish Journal]