Rochelle Trotter Throws The Biggest Campaign Event of Check, Please! ‘13!

Photo: courtesy Tavernita

The campaign to become the new host of Check, Please! is clearly heating up— as one of the candidates takes a page from traditional American election history. Rochelle Trotter, wife of Charlie and one of the 17 official finalists announced a couple of weeks ago, is soliciting votes the old-fashioned American way— by wooing voters with drink at the local tavern and then leading them to the polls. Well, not so much tavern as Tavernita, but same basic idea: from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. she’ll be throwing a party at Tavernita and, well, encouraging voting for Rochelle Trotter. (It is not exactly a public event, and we are sure there is an upper capacity, so we’re not saying come one, come all, but the invite was sent pretty far and wide, so we suspect that if you did want to come and could pledge your fealty to Rochelle, an email to to the RSVP shown here on Facebook might do the trick.) The real question: will it work? It might make for a nice show of support for one candidate, and an excuse for a party, but realistically producer David Manilow has to be looking less at the popular vote than at who he can work with and will come off the best with guests for the long haul.