Reader Sneaks a Few Previews of Key Ingredient Cook-Off Ingredients


The Reader’s Key Ingredient Cook-Off, featuring 26 local chefs cooking with weird ingredients and lots of noshes and drinks, is a week from Friday, May 3, at the Bridgeport Arts Center, with part of the proceeds going to the Healthy Schools Campaign. You can find out more and get tickets here, but in the meantime, the Reader has prevailed upon three of the competing chefs to reveal something about what they plan to make. We liked all three of the ideas, but the concept most in spirit for the Key Ingredient series— involving its unofficial pre-shoot drink of choice— comes from Matt Troost of Three Aces:

Troost… who originally got the Brazilian staple dende oil, was planning to put a twist on his new ingredient, Jeppson’s Malort, by braising pig face in the wormwood-based spirit to make his very own Malort Face.