Stephen Starr and Questlove Opening ‘Hybird’ in Chelsea Market

Looks a lot like a mystery bag, but we're pretty sure it contains fried chicken.

File under inevitable and awesome: Foobooz notes that Questlove has somehow found the time outside his duties with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon to develop and perfect his fried chicken drumstick business venture, and will bring the project to Chelsea Market in Manhattan next month. The equally indefatigable Stephen Starr is a partner on the project. You may recall the drummer, producer, and all-around genius put his recipe up against David Chang's last year as part of an epic charity challenge. Questlove lost, but has presumably been tinkering with his proprietary blend of herbs and spices in his top-secret (and acoustically perfect) lab, and the mothership is now ready for takeoff. "You asked for it ... you got it," the drummer tweeted, "gourmet food for the eclectic palette." As such things go with restaurateur Starr, its Philadelphia counterpart may also open soon. [Official Site via Foobooz, Earlier, Related]