Plan Check Cooks Up a ‘Lakers Pride’ Burger

The "Lakers Pride" burger
The "Lakers Pride" burger Photo: Plan Check

With so many players getting dragged off the court with injuries lately, our Lakers need all the moral support that can get. Which makes this the perfect moment for Plan Check chef Ernesto Uchimura to introduce his “Lakers Pride” burger. That’s right, a behemoth burger decked out in the purple and gold. Uchimura’s monster includes two smashed patties with bacon on a crunch bun, with the colors of our civic pride coming from a port wine-infused Gruyere cheese that lends a violet hue, with another slice of gold cheese and a spicy gold mayo providing the yellow glow. Like some sort of edible version of a rally cap, the eleven-dollar burger will only be available when the team is playing on the restaurant’s two TVs, giving you only five more chances to try it before next season starts, including tonight.