Pizza Hut Introduces Crust Made Out of Cheese-Stuffed Bread Bowls

Shine like the sun.
Shine like the sun. Photo: Pizza Hut

As fast-food chains try to fool us into thinking that items like Fruitwater and egg-white McMuffins are “heathy,” Pizza Hut’s giving the middle finger to obesity studies by launching “Crazy Cheesy Crust.” The new pie comes surrounded by sixteen semicircles of cheese that can be torn off and eaten separately or combined with a massive bite of pizza for a total cheese-bomb. (You’ll perhaps recall that the company once added mini-cheeseburgers to pies in the Middle East and hot dogs in the UK.) With these cheese-only crusts, Pizza Hut thinks, “by not making it an over-the-top indulgence … people would buy the pies repeatedly rather than just trying them once as a novelty.” What part of this isn’t over the top? [Earlier, Earlier, HuffPo, AP]