Keith McNally: Pastis Will Close for Nine Months

Pastis will return.
Pastis will return.Photo: Shanna Ravindra

Gael Greene writes that beginning in January of 2014, Keith McNally’s Pastis will shut down for nine months. Last fall, we found out that the owners of the building where the meatpacking district restaurant has been open for almost fifteen years planned to renovate the space into a new 108,000-square-foot retail and office complex, and McNally’s future there looked uncertain. More talk of closing popped up again last week when Greene implied on Twitter that both Pastis and Balthazar were closing at the ends of their respective lease terms. At the time, the restaurateur said the rumors were “categorically not true,” but today offers the clarification. McNally estimates Pastis will reopen in September of 2014. [Fork Play/Insatiable Critic, Earlier, Earlier]