Papaya Dog on Sixth Avenue Will Close

Going dark.
Going dark. Photo: Edans / flickr

There will be one less block in New York with a hot dog outpost: The Jackson Group purchased Papaya Dog’s space on Sixth Avenue and West Fourth Street for $16.5 million. You’re also going to have to say good-bye to porn shop Fantasy Party and Crazy Fantasy Tattoo. CB2 and the Jackson Group are aiming to revamp that dodgy (but charming!) stretch of the West Village with ubiquitous chains like Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and Nespresso. Jackson Group executive Ike Chehebar says, “You get the Times Square foot traffic without the $2,000 [per square foot rents].” Oh, God. Please do not turn Sixth Avenue into a Times Square situation. IFC, hold down the fort! [The Real Deal via DNAinfo]