Oven’s Arrival Signals Pizzeria Vetri’s Opening Is Getting Close

Vetri (far right) and his crew help push the new oven into place.
Vetri (far right) and his crew help push the new oven into place. Photo: Marc Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri, the forthcoming palace of wood-fired pizza from Marc Vetri, received its pizza oven yesterday. It’s just a small step for the oven, but a huge leap for the restaurant, which is slated for a summer opening. Crews used a forklift to get the 8,500 pound oven, which is three feet tall, and eight feet in diameter, into 1939 Callowhill Street. Vetri and crew helped push the herculean beast into place. Surprisingly, Vetri chose a Renato ARS 700, manufactured here in the good ole U.S. of A, as opposed to a model imported from Italy. “Renato makes the best ovens,” Vetri told Grub. “Chris Bianco uses Renato. He’s from Italy, but the ovens aren’t.”

The particular model Vetri bought features six feet of cooking surface, which means his pizzaiolos can fire four or five pies at time once it’s installed. And the dual mouths means they’ll turn them out in quick succession. The oven’s arrival signals the project is well underway, but no one’s saying for sure when it will all be complete. We’ll keep you posted.

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