Obesity Caused by Chicken Dishes and Grains, Says Coca-Cola

Really? Really. Photo: Coca Cola

Coca-Cola released a ridiculous "Calorie Balance" infographic that blames the obesity epidemic on everything but soda. Chicken, bread, and grain-based desserts are listed as the top three calorie contributors, ignoring the fact that they provide protein, fiber, and other nutrients. And according to Coca-Cola, you're to blame for sleeping and being sedentary all the damn time (Marion Nestle says, "Coca-Cola: obesity is your fault, not ours"). This is all part of the company's misguided "Coming Together" campaign. Check out a larger photo of the infographic after the jump.


Thanks for this. Super helpful.Photo: Coca-Cola

What Is Weighing Us Down? New Infographic Shows How Calorie Imbalance Impacts Us All [Coca-Cola Company] via Coca-Cola: obesity is your fault, not ours [Food Politics]
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