Modernist Cuisine Expands Into Kitchenware With a Baking Steel

For the Dom De Marco in your life.
For the Dom De Marco in your life. Photo: Courtesy Modernist Cuisine

Time to retire your pizza stones by converting them into garden pavers: Nathan Myhrvold is following up Modernist Cuisine and Modernist Cuisine at Home with this elegant piece of technology: a trademarked special-edition baking steel, which crisps pizzas better than stones and retains enough heat, apparently, that you’ll be able to cook several pies in a row. It’s laser-etched with the words Modernist Cuisine, too, which will immediately send the clear message to your friends that you’re not messing around. Bedazzling! Is this the first of a branded line of kitchenware from the Seattle genius factory? [Modernist Cuisine, Earlier, Earlier]