Michael Bauer Calls Miss Ollie’s a ‘Delight’


He waited until they got settled in with dinner service and all, but now Michael Bauer has reviewed five-month-old Miss Ollie’s, the solo restaurant from Barbados-born chef Sarah Kirnon. The restaurant and its menu are a tribute to the grandmother who raised her, and the star dish here and at her former restaurant, Hibiscus, is Miss Ollie’s fried chicken, which is darkly fried, thickly battered, and features an herb paste that Kirnon stuffs under the chicken’s skin before frying. He also loves the Chez Panisse-like baccala salad, and the Oakland bistro salad with frisee, spring peas, coconut vinaigrette, hard-boiled egg, and four fried oysters. He also loves the buttery skillet cake for dessert, and says the staff is “always friendly.” Also, he raves, that on each visit “Everything looked, and tasted, so good,” so much so that he was stuffed every time. All told: two and a half stars. [Chron]