Meet One of The Other Check, Please! Finalists, Cristiane Pereira

Cristiane Pereira.
Cristiane Pereira. Photo: courtesy Taste of Brasil

In our little media bubble, we know something about four of the 17 Check, Please! finalists — Ina Pinkney, whose restaurant we’ve been to several times, Rochelle Trotter, who’s made the biggest splash about it, the colorful and interesting chef Cleetus Friedman and our media colleague Anthony Todd. That leaves 13 who we know somewhere between a name and not at all. So the Tribune introduces one of them to us today: she’s also a restaurant owner, Cristiane Pereira, who has Taste of Brasil Cafe in Oak Park. She made the finals with a quickly-thrown-together video showing how she prepares for a day at her restaurant; there’s not a lot to it but her warmth and big smile come through as they do at her restaurant:

She thinks her personable style as a restaurant owner will fit in nicely at the table on the set of “Check, Please!”

“I can see being myself [on the show]. I love talking to people,” Pereira said. “I always talk about food.”