The Dream of a 4 a.m. Last Call in California is Dead (for Now)

Wah wah.
Wah wah. Photo: iStock Photo

Sadly, it will be at least another few years before Los Angeles and San Francisco can join the other mature, non-provincial metropolises of our land in allowing their people to keep boozing past 2 a.m. State Senator Mark Leno made a gallant effort to craft legislation that would allow cities and towns to opt in or out and carefully regulate how many extended-last-call licenses they allowed, but that was not enough for the stodgy senators who voted it down in committee 6 to 4, and the California Police Chiefs Association who insisted that it would just put more drunks on the road. The data doesn’t show that, but alas. The next hope is that the proposal can become a ballot measure in 2016. [ABC7, Marin News, Earlier]