Marin County Group Comes Out Against 4 a.m. Last Call Initiative


Last month, State Senator Mark Leno introduced legislation that would allow some bars and nightclubs in some municipalities across California to apply to extend their alcohol sales to 4 a.m. Leno has tried pushing for similar legislation in the past, but has faced pushback, and he drafted the current legislation to allow communities to full opt out of the law should they choose — it’s really geared toward the larger cities of S.F., L.A., and San Diego anyway. Well, predictably, one group known as Alcohol Justice, based in Marin, has already voiced their disapproval, as has the Marin County Sheriff, Robert Doyle. “I don’t think that extending the hours in drinking establishments is a positive move for our society,” Doyle tells the Marin Independent Journal. Well, luckily, every sleepy town in Marin can opt to remain just as sleepy after 2 a.m. as they wish. Expect more hubbub about this until it comes up for a vote and (hopefully) passes before the end of this legislative session. [Marin IJ, Earlier]