Gyro-Maker With Health Department Concession Contract Won’t Serve Gyros

It's a wrap, really.
It's a wrap, really. Photo: Courtesy Mamagyro

All 1,828 employees working at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s home base in Long Island City are hungry, the Post reports, and so the agency is opening an in-house, self-service café. The operator gets a bunch of annual concessions fees waived, which is a great deal, but exactly zero restaurateurs took the city agency up on its RFP for operators. Maybe it has something to do with the staggering $51.4 million in fines? Fast-casual Greek chainlet Mamagyro is forging ahead, and co-owner Vicki Likitsakos says writing a menu that meets specs has been challenging: Frosted Flakes and soda were dropped because of sugar; sandwiches have been slimmed down to knock down calories, and Mamagyro’s hummus has been scrutinized for its sodium content. Gyros aren’t even on the menu. [NYP, Earlier]