Mama Ji’s Goes Perm In the Castro With a Former Koi Palace Cook

The new awning.
The new awning. Photo: Steven Bracco

Last fall, a dim sum pop-up called Mama Ji’s appeared inside Queen Malika café and creperie at 4416 18th Street (at Eureka). Now, Mama Ji’s owner Li Ji has fully taken over the place, with the former crepe menu jettisoned in favor of full-time dim sum service. (A tipster just sent us this photo of the new awning as proof, and he says renovations are ongoing.) As Tasting Table earlier reported, Ji hired a former Koi Palace cook to man the steamers and fryers, and thus modest little Mama Ji’s is “serving the best dim sum between Chinatown and Daly City.” And this is a pretty welcome thing given the Castro’s general dearth of quality eats. We’ll update you as soon as we figure out their new operating hours.