Korzo’s Freaky Fried-Dough Burger About to Join Pantheon of Hamburger Greats

Greatness found here.
Greatness found here. Photo: Dave Ratzlow

Mutton-chopped scholar George Motz will use the platform of a new Travel Channel show called Burger Land to clear up the delicate matter of where, exactly, America’s best hamburgers can be found, which is essentially just a commendable way of bouncing around and eating really good hamburgers. When it comes to New York’s best — ever the sensitive subject — Motz reportedly singles out those found at Minetta Tavern, the newly refurbished Donovan’s, and the venerable JG Melon version, but also the fried burger at Korzo in Park Slope, a seemingly highly unorthodox contender. It’s an organic beef patty draped with Edam, bacon, and condiments inside a round of Hungarian lángos dough. The whole thing is wrapped up and fried, and though it’s been on the menu for a few years and even has its own evangelists, it’s only now about to blow up. [NYDN, Earlier]