Korzo’s Freaky Fried-Dough Burger About to Join Pantheon of Hamburger Greats

Greatness found here. Photo: Dave Ratzlow

Mutton-chopped scholar George Motz will use the platform of a new Travel Channel show called Burger Land to clear up the delicate matter of where, exactly, America's best hamburgers can be found, which is essentially just a commendable way of bouncing around and eating really good hamburgers. When it comes to New York's best ever the sensitive subject Motz reportedly singles out those found at Minetta Tavern, the newly refurbished Donovan's, and the venerable JG Melon version, but also the fried burger at Korzo in Park Slope, a seemingly highly unorthodox contender. It's an organic beef patty draped with Edam, bacon, and condiments inside a round of Hungarian lngos dough. The whole thing is wrapped up and fried, and though it's been on the menu for a few years and even has its own evangelists, it's only now about to blow up. [NYDN, Earlier]