Pizza Prayers Answered: Lorenzo & Sons Is Two Weeks Away From Reopening on South Street

Lorenzo Pulizzi as depicted in a mural at the pizza shop
Lorenzo Pulizzi as depicted in a mural at the pizza shopPhoto: Lorenzo & Sons

Here’s the best news to come from South Street since Stephen Starr announced plans to open Serpico there: Lorenzo & Sons is just two weeks away from reopening! You’ll recall that fire knocked the purveyor of double-wide slices — a favorite amongst late night drunks for more than 25 years — out of commission last June. The Insider reports that Giuseppe Pulizzi, son of the Lorenzo who founded the institution in 1988, plans to begin slinging slices “on or about” April 29. An official grand opening is set for May 3, when Pulizzi plans to turn over half the till to Philabundance. Coming with the reopening is toppings for the pizzas. No, seriously. Pulizzi will top pies every Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. [Insider]

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