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What to Eat at the Lobster Place, Now Serving Oyster Po’ Boys and Beer in Chelsea Market

Not your ordinary tuna melt.

Not your ordinary tuna melt.Photo: Melissa Hom

After three months of renovations, the Lobster Place reopened in Chelsea Market last week. The market has always been great for takeout, but the new-and-improved space is better suited for eating in house. There's now a sushi bar with a daily omakase selection, a standing oyster bar, and an entire department devoted to lobster. Even better: For the first time, the Lobster Place will sell beer and sake. New grab-and-go sandwiches include an Ipswich belly roll, an oyster po' boy, and a traditional Maine hot dog. Take a look at the warm-weather-friendly food, straight ahead.

Lobster Place

Crab-Cake SandwichPhoto: Melissa Hom

Lobster Place

Oyster po' BoyPhoto: Melissa Hom

Lobster Place

Omakase DeluxePhoto: Melissa Hom

Lobster Place

Maine Red HotPhoto: Melissa Hom

Lobster Place

Ipswich Belly RollPhoto: Melissa Hom

Lobster Place

And that's just one corner.Photo: Melissa Hom

The Lobster Place, 75 Ninth Ave., nr. 16th St., 212-255-5672


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