New Jersey Chain Let’s YO! Opening at Barclays Center!

"Hip and social." Also, filled with yogurt.
"Hip and social." Also, filled with yogurt. Photo: Courtesy of Let's Yo Yogurt

All those dissatisfied by whatever swirls out of the various nozzles at 16 Handles, Pinkberry, Red Mango, Yogurtland, Tasti D-Lite, YoguBerry, and/or the frozen-cookie-dough-addled ghost of TCBY will be pleased to know another fro-yo contender will soon open in Brooklyn. This one’s called Let’s YO!, it’s the flagship of a New Jersey–based chain, and it’s coming to a retail space at Barclays. It is, as you probably guessed, the first of 30 planned New York City shops.

Launched in September 2011, the pay-by-the-ounce Let’s YO! claims 27 franchises in New Jersey, one in Florida, and one in Massachusetts, with several more — mostly in N.J. — on the way. As you may be able to glean from its iPhone-esque text-bubble signage, Let’s YO! is all about being “hip and social.” Its daily “Name Fame” promotion means that if your name matches the one they tweet, your fro-yo fix is half-price. Today, it’s Chuck.