Nothing to Worry About: A La Carte Option Just Means Le Bec Fin Is More Flexible

Le Bec Fin
Le Bec Fin Photo: uwishunu

Le Bec Fin’s leadership assures Grub today that things over there are magnifique, and that the big menu change we mentioned yesterday was a carefully calculated decision based on polling diners. Seems loyal Le Bec-ers like the idea of making more frequent visits, but eight courses at $150 makes it a bit much to swallow on a repeated basis. But most surveyed liked the idea of having the flexibility to enjoy the restaurant plate by plate. Voila! A la carte service rolls out next Tuesday.

In most cases the a la carte options will be the same or similar to those in the procession of plates offered in the prix fixe, but will be priced individually. Check out the full thing here. The four-course, $85 prix fixe introduced last October will no longer be offered, though.

Other changes to the regularly scheduled programming include Sunday brunch service, which rolls out this weekend. That runs $60, and includes two courses, breakfast breads and pastries, and a dessert buffet.

As for whether rumors of a new chef are true, we were told only that Steve Eckerd, who was promoted from within after Walter Abrams departure, remains in command of the kitchen. However, word on the street is, several well known Philly chefs have been interviewed, and/or are being considered for the position.

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