Lakeview’s Kickstand Espresso Bar To Take Dollop Name


There are lots of one-shop coffee brands in town, and we love the variety and diversity they represent. But we’re also curious about which one’s going to break out next and become a mini-empire, and if you were going to keep an eye on one, right now we’d say look out for Dollop Coffee & Tea. Owner Dan Weiss opened his second shop just a few weeks in a high profile location in Streeterville, and in the meantime he’s just added a third location— kind of. His Kickstand Espresso Bar at 824 W. Belmont is changing its name today to Dollop Coffee & Tea as well, to make it clearer that he has three places offering a consistent neighborhood-focused experience— as Weiss calls it, the “cafe as a sponge,” absorbing the energy and character of its neighborhood. Like the other Dollops (the original is in Buena Park), the kinda-new one will offer artisanal offerings from top local vendors including Hoosier Mama, Fritz Pastry and Southport Grocery.