Get Ready: Lafayette Opens on Monday

They've already got chickens in the rotisserie.
They've already got chickens in the rotisserie. Photo: Erin Kennedy/New York Magazine

We’ve already taken a quick tour inside Lafayette and given you a first look at its menus, which you may want to browse while waiting to make a reservation — UrbanDaddy says the phone lines open tomorrow. Lafayette’s first service is on Monday beginning at 5:30 p.m., and we’ve just been told its connected bakery will open for business tomorrow. It’s been a big week for chef-partner Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard, and Luke Ostrom — not to mention chef de cuisine Damon Wise, pastry chef Jen Yee, and beverage director Josh Nadel. We hope they have a minute to toast with Champagne, and also definitely some Calvados, over the weekend. [UrbanDaddy, Earlier, Earlier]