Kyochon Replaced By Yet More Chicken in Culver City

Chicken Now
Chicken Now Photo: Joshua Lurie

Korean fried chicken may not have caught on with The Westfield’s food court in Culver City, but apparently it had nothing to do with the star of that show. Kyochon, which closed in February, has been replaced by a widespread chain of cluckers called Chicken Now, already open and serving a fairly extensive breast-based menu. Along with a suspicious number of of heart-healthy promises for a mall fast food stand, Chicken Now offers a virtual Epcot of dishes that are chock full ‘o chicken, placed inside of burgers and Texas club sandwiches, stuffed into burritos and quesadillas, starring in salads, and served to your–more adventurous–poulty-loving pals as wings and fried pieces. Particularly proud of its tenders, the restaurant’s motto is “No Bones, No Bull.” We’ll take that as a sign that it won’t be employing semi-literate cows to get their point across anytime soon.