Tough Women Make the Best Bartenders

The pro.
The pro. Photo: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

“I guess it’s a very competitive, testosterone-filled, aggressive thing for a lot of people. Which is strange, because some of the women that I’ve trained and worked with make the best bartenders. They are so fast, they are able to multi-task, they’re able to handle things coming at them all at once and not get flustered. A lot of the women that are names in the bar business are tough girls. You can’t be soft-spoken; you have to be able to be heard over a crowd. I would love to have more women. I don’t like that I just have one at Clover Club and zero at Flatiron. People have actually poached a lot of the women I’ve trained.” —Julie Reiner, owner and beverage director of Flatiron Lounge and Clover Club, on why it’s difficult for female mixologists to get recognition. [Restaurant Girl]