Interim Cafe Becomes Superfood Express

Superfood Express
Superfood Express Photo: Colin Browne

After splitting up with Newsroom Cafe, Santa Monica’s 23-year-old Interim Cafe has wisely changed names to the more buoyant Superfoods Express. Still under the same chef and owner, rock photographer Eddie Caraeff (whose inconic image of Hendrix sacrificing his Stratocaster at The Monterrey Pop Festival still hangs in the space), the menu is mostly staying solidified, a healthy selection of smoothies, vegetarian options, organic eggs, and heart-healthy proteins like salmon and chicken breast, including matzoh pancakes, energy bowls, kosher “Spanish Jew” sandwiches, and the dairy-free, hemp-seed spread “Purple Erkle” that gets us through many a hectic day.

Superfood Express, 530 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica.