Ikea May Sell Discounted Horsemeatballs in Sweden

Two-for-one horseballs! Get them while they're hot!
Two-for-one horseballs! Get them while they're hot! Photo: MARCEL ANTONISSE/AFP/Getty Images

Back in February, during what is now known as the Great Horsemeat Scare of 2013, Ikea had to withdraw tens of millions of meatballs in over twenty countries. The company disposed of most of its beef-pork-horse balls, but decided to store the frozen meatballs recalled from outlets in Sweden in its warehouses. Since the food’s perfectly healthy, and some folks actually like to eat horse, why not put it up for sale? “There is no health risk associated with eating the meatballs, so we would like to sell them relabeled and at reduced price and donate the money to charity,” says an Ikea spokesman in Sweden. “We are currently in dialogue with relevant authorities to explore if and how we can do this in accordance with legal demands.” Just make sure it’s properly labelled this time. [Earlier, Earlier, Daily Mail UK]