House of Blues Preparing Five-Dollar Shakes and Big Kahuna Burgers on Tarantino-Inspired Menu

"Tarantino in Concert"
"Tarantino in Concert" Photo: House of Blues

Next Tuesday, April 16, House of Blues on the Sunset Strip is hosting “For The Record,” the pop-musical revue normally found putting a spin on movie soundtracks at Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Feliz. Starting at 8:00 P.M., the musical ensemble will tackle the tunes of Quention Tarantino’s movies, with new additions of songs from Django Unchained. Meanwhile, House of Blues will offer a menu to compliment the song selections, with dishes torn from Tarantino’s films. Included in the evening’s roster of dishes are a coffee-infused $5 Shake, Royale Nachos with cheese, a Big Kahuna Burger, and Reservoir roast beef. You can see House of Blues’ full menu below, a quick taste of the show right here, and buy tickets online, priced from $22.50 to $47.50.


Aldo’s German Scallops

Pai Mai’s Exploding Rice Bowl

Big Kahuna Burger

Jackie’s Hash Brown and Coddled Egg Skillet

Reservoir Roast Beef

Royale Nachos With Cheese


Lando’s Apple Struddel

Big Daddy’s Key Lime Pie

Diner Coffee Bar - Coffee Infused Cocktails

The O & J (Ordell & Jackie)

The $5 Shake

The Jack Rabbit Slim - Jack & Diet