Former Hooters Waitress Says She Was Forced to Quit After Shaving Head for Brain Surgery

Sued. Photo: Hooters

Sandra Lupo, a former employee of the Hooters in St. Peters, Missouri, underwent brain surgery in July 2012. She had to shave her head to prepare for the craniotomy, and returned to work following the operation. It was then that — allegedly — Lupo’s regional manager requested that she wear a wig while working. Lupo agreed, until she realized that the wig irritated her wound, so she stopped wearing it. This is where things get complicated: Lupo is claiming that Hooters severely cut back her hours as a result of her refusal to wear fake hair, forcing her to quit voluntarily. She’s now suing the franchise in federal court for discrimination. A Hooters spokesman told the Huffington Post that the company “believes the lawsuit is without foundation.” [St. Louis Today via HuffPo]