Hooters Bomb Scare Shutters Stretch of Hollywood Boulevard

Hooters in Hollywood
Hooters in Hollywood Photo: Espensorvik/Flickr

Sometime after 4:00 P.M. yesterday afternoon, a man walked into the Hollywood location of Hooter’s carrying an ice chest that he claimed was holding a bomb. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the man then left the chest behind, causing employees to alert the authorities. Taking the threat seriously, police proceeded to evacuate businesses between Orange and Highland and shut down the tourist-teemed streets in the immediate vicinity of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. The restaurant was swept for explosives and the container destroyed, while the suspect was taken into the custody. According to The L.A. Times, he told police, “I was just joking,” which was hopefully met with the swift, sobering crack of an LAPD baton. The real humor here, if any, may only be found in Australia’s Brisbane Times, as it refers to Hooter’s as “an iconic LA restaurant” in Downtown. The suspect, meanwhile, has likely just glimpsed the last view of Hooters he’s going to get for a long time. [CBS; LAT; THR]