Koreatown’s Haus Dessert Boutique Purchased By Hawaii’s ‘Coffee Hunter’

Haus Dessert Boutique
Haus Dessert Boutique Photo: R.E. Photography

Brian Chong, the owner of Moo Dae Po and IOTA Coffee, recently sold the Koreatown location of his Haus Dessert Boutique to Korean food T.V. star Chris Kim (nee Eun Sang Kim), with the benefits going to lovers of Hawaiian coffee who have the bread to buy it. Korea-born Kim is the owner of several farms in Kona’s Coffee Belt, where he is a member of the Hawaii Coffee Association and winner of numerous awards for his beans, earning the name “Coffee Hunter” after bringing the Hawaiian beans back to Korea. Kim bought Haus back in February and has so far changed the establishment by opening up at 7:00 A.M. and completely rejiggering the food and drink menus. He now features his own roaster on the cafe’s patio, where he is producing one of the priciest cups of coffee in the city that doesn’t come out of a cat’s booty. Kim sells his plantation’s beans, roasted on the premises, in a $15 pour-over carafe as well as in 3.5 Oz. bags of Kona and Maui Mokka beans to-go.