Handsome Coffee Roasters Offering Seven-Week Subscription For Colombian Micro-Lot Beans

"Handmade & Damn Handsome"
"Handmade & Damn Handsome" Photo: Handsome Coffee Roasters

Downtown’s Handsome Coffee Roasters have a new offer for fans of its impeccably sourced coffee beans: a seven week subscription program tapping into a group of seven micro-lots in the Huila department of Colombia. Co-founder Chris Owens recently struck a deal with four farmers to provide him with hard-to-procure beans, two of which will be offered for purchase online. The other five are only accessible through the subscription program, in which only 50 customers will have the chance to part with $150 in exchange for a weekly delivery of a 12oz. bag of beans roasted by the Handsome ones, which breaks down to roughly $21 per bag.

Shipments go out on April 21st, with bags coming from Javier Cantillo Vega’s Los Delirios and Edilson Lozado Roballo’s La Granja, with the full run of growers listed below.

Subscriptions can be obtained right here.


Yilberto Guarnizo Osorio / La Vega

Javier Cantillo Vega / Los Delirios (3 different lots)

Eleuterio Lasso / El Cruce

Edilson Lozado Roballo / La Granja