Tien Ho, Alex Stupak, and More Are Your Latest Hot Stuff Chef-Models

Looking great, Tien. Photo: Jake Chessum / GQ

The Meatball Shop's Michael Chernow, Montmartre's Tien Ho, restaurateur Andrew Tarlow, Empellón's Alex Stupak, Takashi's Takashi Inoue, and the guys from Battersby get all dressed up in suits that cost $400 or less in the new GQ, but they have nowhere to go, so they get behind the line to strike various poses amid the pots and pans. Chernow is a serial pose-striker, of course, but now that this handsome posse has joined previous superstars David Chang, the Fat Radish guys, and a whole bunch of small-batch artisanal types, isn't it about time for New York's chefs to get their own bona fide fashion week? [GQ]