Gourmet Cupcakes Are Bottoming Out

So 2005.
So 2005. Photo: Courtesy of Crumbs

After dark years of Sex and the City bus tours, Andy Samberg’s SNL digital short, and scenes of Lena Dunham snacking in a bathtub, the gourmet cupcake market is finally crashing. Thank goodness. At its peak, Crumbs’ stock was at $13 a share. Now it’s at $1.70, dropping 34 percent last Friday. It doesn’t help matters that Magnolia Bakery’s dealing with a mouse problem. And you know what? It’s about damn time we retired this dessert: McAdams no longer loves Gosling. It’s now socially acceptable to eat a full piece of cake. We all need to move on with our lives. [DaiIy Intelligencer, WSJ]