Is Gordon Ramsay Opening a Restaurant With Team Umizoomi?

"Cake, berries, cream!"
"Cake, berries, cream!" Photo: Vimeo

Long hours in the kitchen and prolonged exposure to high heat tend to be rough on one’s neurotransmitters, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this new commercial featuring Gordon Ramsay and energetic animated Nick Jr. educators Team Umizoomi is actually a depiction of some kind of whimsical hallucination in progress. Notice how Ramsay’s commis doesn’t seem to be able to see Milli, Geo, and Bot on the counter, helping him arrange the components of a strawberry shortcake into a finished dessert, especially at the 29-second mark?

Okay, fine, it’s just an endearing advertisement. But we’ll definitely start to get worried the minute UmiCar sandwiches start showing up on the Gordon Ramsay at the London menu. Watch the whole thing here.

Gordon Ramsay in Nickelodeon Team Umizoomi Spot
[Vimeo via Eater]