Gordon Ramsay Sued Over Unpaid Construction at Fat Cow

Blimey, that's a whopping bill!
Blimey, that's a whopping bill! Photo: Gordon Ramsay Submissions

It’s doesn’t really feel like a Gordon Ramsay project until someone gets sued. Fortunately, L.A.’s Fat Cow, the mall-bound restaurant that took a major drubbing last summer from a Pete Wells-inspired L.A. Weekly critic, is joining the long list of Ramsay-run establishments that have drawn litigation, making it an official member of Gordo’s gang. TMZ reports that a $45,000 bill for equipment has gone unpaid, leading to a lawsuit from the company that tailored Ramsay’s nearly $200,000 kitchen. Though Ramsay’s reps deny having been served the suit just yet, it isn’t too difficult to believe this is going down as reported, considering Ramsay’s unpaid bills continually spark headlines, only to be broken up by the continual lawsuits this man must find time to juggle. [TMZ; Earlier]