Get Insights From Donnie Madia, Iliana Regan and Others at First Gastro Conference


Thinking about starting a restaurant? Thinking about making the restaurant you have more sustainable? Those are just two of the topics to be explored at Chicago’s first Gastro Conference, happening Saturday, April 13 at the University of Chicago from an organization called EnvisionDo. You’ll have the chance to learn from top people in the business and network about every aspect of the food business, from starting a business to creating customer experiences to operating sustainably and solving the problems of food and poverty. The lineup includes a wide range of interesting people from all sides of the industry— restaurateurs like Donnie Madia (Blackbird), Iliana Regan (Elizabeth) and Christine Cikowski (Sunday Dinner Club), entrepreneurs like Justin Massa (Food Genius), suppliers like Louis John Slagel, Monica Eng and Bill Daley from the Tribune and many more. Find out more here, and get your tickets ($20 for the public, $10 for U of C affiliates, students free) here.