Perrier Cashes Out of Mia, Too

Perrier at Le Bec Fin
Perrier at Le Bec Fin Photo: uwishunu

Though he’s cried wolf before, recent reports of Georges Perrier’s retirement are growing increasingly legit. He’s booked for a week at Chip Roman’s Mica in May, but the continued sell-off of Perrier properties suggests that he’s really going to hang up his apron for good. In recent weeks he’s cashed out of his Georges’ in Wayne, and Art of Bread, his cafe and wholesale bakery in Narberth. Now Zagat’s saying he’s divesting himself from his interest in Atlantic City’s Mia, too. He still has a stake in Chris Scarduzio’s Table 31, and owns the bricks at Le Bec, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that all changes soon. [Zagat Philly; Earlier; Earlier]