Mica Residency Brings Perrier Out of ‘Retirement’

Back in the day: Perrier at Le Bec Fin
Back in the day: Perrier at Le Bec Fin Photo: uwishunu

Looks like retirement will remain beyond the reach of fickle Le Bec Fin founder Georges Perrier. For a few more weeks, anyway. Just on the heels of news that he’s relinquished control over Georges’ in Wayne and hanging it all up presumably for good — that followed Amin Bitar taking over his bread interests in Narberth — word comes that his former protege, Chip Roman, is turning Mica’s kitchen over to the legendary chef for five nights in May. Roman took to the social media to announce that he and his staff will follow Perrier’s command, preparing tasting menus and a la carte plates that were signatures on his menu back in his Walnut Street heyday. Dishes will range in price from $10 to $30, and menu details should be positing soon on Mica’s website. We’re guessing Le Bec’s Galette de crab that Roman’s so fond of will be one of the highlights. [Facebook; Earlier; Earlier]