Garces Weighs In On the Cheesesteak vs Roast Pork Sandwich Debate

Jose Garces
Jose Garces Photo: Collin Keefe

On a number of different occasions, we’ve floated the idea here that the almighty cheesesteak is in the final throes of its sandwich supremacy. And that the roast pork sandwich is just a grease splatter away from seizing its throne. Here and there is evidence to give our theory some validity. But now it’s looking like Jose Garces is falling in line, and putting his weight behind roast pork.

Among other fascinating morsels — like his assertion that good oral hygeine is “key if you’re looking to get any action” — in a Q+A with the Daily News’s Lauren McCutcheon, the Iron Chef reveals that when it comes to sandwiches, he prefers Philly’s porky underdog over the overhyped cheesesteak. “This is the easiest question,” he told the paper. “Roast pork. All the way. With sharp provolone, broccoli rabe and sometimes hot peppers.”

So how long do think it will be until he adds it to the menu at one of his restaurants?

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